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Choosing The Best Yacht Charters

When you look at taking a different yacht charters for a sailing holiday there are quite a few different options open to you.

Bareboating. This type of sailing is where you hire the boat with no crew and no provisions on board. It is a popular option with experienced sailors, those who are keen to gain more sailing time and people of a highly independent nature. This kind of option is really available all over the world now and the best advice if you aren’t a highly experienced sailor is to try it out somewhere you know well before booking a bareboating trip somewhere more exotic.

Yacht Crew. If you don’t want to take out the bareboating option then you can hire a crew along with a yacht charter. This works more expensive than going it alone but gives you added comfort and security as well as freeing up valuable free time for you.

Luxury Yachting. With high quality yacht you can go anywhere in the world and enjoy time on the best boats around. The French Riviera is always popular for luxury yacht charters and the Caribbean and Indian Ocean have equally enticing options.

Super Yacht. This is simply the name given to a big, luxury yacht. You can take out yacht charters on super yachts while private owners are often drawn to Mediterranean in summer and the Caribbean in winter.

Choose A Destination

Sailing Charters. Nowadays you can find yacht charter just about anywhere in the world, and we have tried to cover as many different types of destination as possible in this site. From the old world charm of the Croatian coast, to the warm waters of the Caribbean to the friendly welcome of Asia, all these places have different attractions to draw you in and make you enjoy your time there.

The Basics Of Bareboating

Bareboating is a type of boat charter whereby you rent just the boat, with no captain, crew members or provisions included in the deal. The most common places for seeing yacht bareboat charter offers is in the Caribbean or Mediterranean and the charter companies will usually ask for details of your sailing experience before trusting you with their boat. If they aren’t convinced by your capacity to take charge of the boat they will ask you to hire a professional captain or helpers for the trip; they are really there just to help you if you get into trouble and to give you advice, you still get to do the work.

The size of the vessels seen in these types of yacht charters usually ranges from around 30 ft to 60 ft.

Some Of The Main Advantages

  1. Complete freedom. If you rent a yacht under a bareboating charter you can go wherever you want and change you itinerary as often as you want. This makes it a wonderfully relaxed way to make a trip to somewhere you want to fully explore without feeling that you are being pressured to stick to a fixed schedule.
  2. Practice your  boating skills. If you like sailing and want to try out a really good quality luxury yacht then barefoot yacht charters is a way of doing that.
  3. A more intimate vacation. For an intimate, small group trip bareboating is a great way of spending time together without interruptions or other passengers or crew passengers getting in the way.

Of The Main Disadvantages

Legal responsibility. In some parts of the world you take on the duties and responsibilities of a ship´s captain along with bareboat sailboat charters, and that is too much pressure for some people, especially if you are planning on travelling with a big group of people.

Some Common Super Yacht Destinations

Super yacht is the phrase used to describe any kind of big luxury yacht. This type of vessel can either be a sailing boat or a motor driven yacht and would typically be over 24 meters long, which is just under 80 ft.

Of course, if you are going to be spending a lot of money on a really good quality luxury yachting boat then before you look up for sale super yachts you will want to make sure first of all that you are going to be making good use of it. A lot of super yacht owners do what is known as the milk run and spend the summer in the Mediterranean and the winter in the Caribbean.

If you have the time and the money to do this then it has to be admitted that is a fantastic lifestyle and there are surely few people who wouldn’t be tempted to live like this. Below we have noted some of the main destinations which super yachts tend to travel between.

Two Top Mediterranean Destinations

Palma de Mallorca. This Spanish island has long been a holiday spot and mixes high class facilities and the King of Spain’s summer residence with some less expensive resorts. There is a fine marina and many of the world’s biggest cruise ships and many private yacht owners stop here. There are also world class sailing competitions held in the waters off Mallorca each year (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palma_de_Mallorca).

St Tropez. This world famous French Riviera resort has been a destination for wealthy boat owners for decades and you will find that a number of regattas take place here (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint-Tropez).

Two Top Caribbean Destinations

Antigua. The protected English Harbour and Falmouth village are great places to take a superyacht in winter. April ends and May begins with the ever popular Antigua Sailing Week, and it is suitable for yacht cruise activites all year round (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antigua).

Us Virgin Islands. The sandy beaches and comprehensive luxury boat services on offer here make it another popular winter destination both with super yacht owners and ocean going cruise ships (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Virgin_Islands).

Sailing Charters In Asia

The Best Locations For Asian Sailing Charters

If you are looking for exotic sailing charters then you may like to see what activities are commonly sought out by people who look for boat hire in this part of the world:

5 Top Asian Sailing Charter Ideas

Thailand. Perfect beaches, great food and welcoming people are among the top attractions to entice you to look at sailing charters and sailboat yacht tours in Thailand. The warm waters are also great for snorkeling and there is a wide range of accommodation on land which ranges from budget rooms to exclusive, luxurious cabins. Phuket is the most popular yacht charters centre in Thailand and you will find a full range of services and transport links here.

Burma / Myanmar. Perhaps a bit of a surprise choice for some people, but the water is lovely and filled with wildlife like sharks and manta rays. On land you will find an interesting culture, a friendly welcome and lots to do.

Borneo. This is another country which perhaps isn’t known for its tourism and luxury yachting, yet the fact that it is the third largest island in the world means that there is plenty of coastline to cover. The reefs around here are renowned for the huge variety of wildlife they shelter in warm and calm tropical waters. The island as a whole is famed for its biodiversity.

Komodo Island. The name of the island tells you the main attraction found here. Many sailing charters stop here to see the intriguing Komodo Dragon, which is the largest living lizard in the world. The island, and the other islands on which the Komodo Dragon is found, belong to Indonesia.

Singapore. This island houses a hugely cosmopolitan city and is one of the world’s leading financial centers as well as being a great place to do some shopping while enjoying the pleasures of chartered yachts. The water around here is good, but you will probably be most attracted to Singapore if you want to sample the bright lights of a big, vibrant city on your sailing charter.

Yacht Rental With Water Sports

What Water Sports To Combine With A Yacht Rental

To really make the most of your yacht rental vacation why not consider including some fun and healthy water sports on the agenda? What sport you decide to take part in will depend upon your own personal taste and the region in which you are sailing. In general terms popular yacht charters areas such as the Caribbean, Asia, the Indian Ocean and the South Pacific are seen as being ideal for the more sedate activities such as swimming and snorkeling, due to the clear, calm and warm waters.

We have listed below a few ideas for your nextyacht or motor yacht rental:

Some Waters Sports Ideas

Swimming. This is simplest and one of the most pleasurable types of water sport. The lack of equipment and planning needed to enjoy this sport means that any yacht rental trip can include this in it.

Snorkeling. This is pretty easy too, as it basically just swimming on the surface of the sea while using a face and short breathing tube to let you admire the beauty of the underwater world. Your sailing charters firm will be able to advise you on safe and interesting places to do this.

Scuba diving. This is a bit more complicated than snorkeling, as you need some equipment as well when you rent a yacht, to allow you to go deeper in the water and admire the things which can’t be seen from the surface; unusual species of fish, sea bottom plants and historic shipwrecks are among the things you can look for.

Surfing. The Pacific is generally regarded as the best place for this sport although if you are planning a yacht rental trip to other places you will find it popular in some unexpected regions such as the Cornwall coast in England, Tarifa in Spain and the Swedish coast around Varberg.

Kite surfing. This is a more high octane version of surfing which you can combine with yacht rentals, as you are pulled along by a kite.

Jet skiing. The fun here is in the independence which you have as you skim along the water’s surface on a small jet, as part of your boat chartering vacation.

Water skiing. A small boat or jet ski pulls you along behind it and you can either use skis or go barefoot.

Yacht Crew Or Bareboating?

Some Advantages And Disadvantages To Hiring A Yacht Crew

If you are thinking of organizing a yacht rental but aren’t sure whether to go bareboating or hire a boat with a yacht crew included then you might like to have a look at the list of different advantages and disadvantages which are inherent in these different methods:

4 Points Which Are Worth Bearing In Mind

  1. Free time. If what you really want to do is spend the trip relaxing, swimming or sight seeing then having a yacht crew carry out all the everyday tasks which need done on a ship will definitely free up more time for you to enjoy yourself.
  2. Independence. Of course, as you are the person chartering the boat it will go where you want it to go. However, it is not quite the same requesting that your hired yacht crew take you somewhere as the overall experience gained from looking up the maps and plotting a course for the destination in your own yacht boat, followed by the thrill of seeing the sought after island or port appear on the horizon.
  3. Security. You need to have a certain level of experience in order to go bareboating but even if you meet the charter company’s criteria you may still feel more at ease with a professionally skippered yacht charter. When you go to an exotic destination for the first time you may like to hire a boat with a skipper, so that you will be fully prepared to take control the next time you travel there.
  4. Cost. The cost to rent a yacht with a yacht crew is obviously higher than hiring just the yacht on its own. Whether you are happy paying the difference for crewed yachts probably depends upon your opinion around the  different advantages and disadvantages which we have listed above.

Luxury Yachting Vacation Ideas

Choosing The Right Luxury Yachting Destination

If you plan to rent a boat and go on a luxury yachting trip one of the first decisions which you have to make is which of the world’s many great sailing destinations you want to go. We have listed below a few ideas to get you started on the process:

5 Luxury Yachting Ideas

Monaco. The principality of Monaco is one of the world’s smallest states (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monaco), at just over 2 sq km (which is  under a square mile). The population isn’t much more than 30,000 and it is best known for its casino, great weather and the amount of wealthy foreigners who live here or come on luxury yachting trips. You will find all the facilities, yacht cruise ideas and pleasure which you would expect from a genuinely top class boating vacation.

Cannes. This is a popular stop on the delightful and exclusive French Riviera (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cannes). The climate is classic Mediterranean with long, hot, dry summer days and milder, wetter weather in winter. There are plenty of top class hotels and restaurants and, of course, in May the world renowned Cannes Film Festival sees the place inundated with movie stars and directors, as well as luxury boat models.

Venice. If you want luxury yachting, a big dose of culture and probably the more romantic city in the world then Venice (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Venice) has got the lot. This North Italian city is built across 117 islands and the dense network of canals and bridges makes it a sailing destination for luxury motor yachts.

Bora Bora. This French Polynesian island offers quality resorts with great attention, excellent food and a wide choice of activities.  The island has an extinct volcano in the center of it and this wonderful vacation destination is accessed by entering a gap in the surrounding barrier reef and sailing into the island’s lagoon, which makes it exciting and challenging for bareboating trips.

Madagascar. Wonderfully situated in the Indian Ocean, the island of Madagascar (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Madagascar) is famous for its huge variety of wildlife; you will find 5% of the world’s animal and plant species here. It is the 4th biggest island in the world and has a wide range of different types of regions which can be explored.

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