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A Look at Some HD TV Reviews by MKBHD

Find the best HD TV reviews

Before you buy a new HD TV you will presumably be keen to work out which is the best model by looking at some HD TV reviews. In this section we will look at some traditional reviews and also add in some other articles which might be interest to anyone looking for a new television.

Sharp Aquos. In this article we will look at a very popular model of TV which comes with a lot of features and a huge screen. It also comes with a pretty hefty price tag, so you will want to get all the details from some HD TV reviews before you go ahead and splash out on one.

720p HDTV. Here we will take the opportunity to clear up some common misunderstandings around the frequency numbers which are given on HDTVs.

1080 HD TV. In this piece we will look at the difference between two similar sounding types of model; 1080i and 1080p. What difference will you actually see between them?

Best HDTV. We all want to find the best HDTV for our needs, and while there is no magic formula we can give you some handy tips to make your search that little bit easier.

Pioneer TV. The Pioneer range is one of the most well known around the world, so it makes sense to look at some HD TV reviews for them.

DLP HDTV. If you have seem a DLP TV and want to know what it is all about then this is a good place to start. Here we list the top advantages associated with this type of TV.

ITV HD. In the linked article we will look at the ITV HD service and the different ways in which you can get hold of it.

Comet TV. One of the most common ways to choose a new TV is to check HD TV reviews, but another is simply to trust the store you always buy your electronic goods from. Here we will look at what Comet stores offer their customers. Comet customers find less than they bargained for after shutdown. Read More

A Couple of Top Brands Reviewed

RCA HDTV. We have picked one RCA TV model as being representative of the firm’s range and the kind of HDTV reviews you can expect to see for this television manufacturer.

Olevia. This popular brand finishes off our HD TV reviews section with a versatile model which could find a good home in different parts of the house.

Sharp Aquos Review

Find out About the Sharp Aquos

The giant Sharp Aquos

One of the top models of HD TV is the Sharp Aquos. Here we will look at a nice offer you can currently find for one of these televisions online.

The exact model we are looking at here is the Sharp Aquos LC60E88UN 60-Inch 1080p X-Gen Panel TV, which comes in black.

As we can see from the name this is a massive 60 HDTV. This means that the first thing any potential purchaser needs to work out is where they will fit it into their home. The price at the moment is around $1500, so it is a pretty hefty investment and you will want to make sure that you are going to be able to use it where you want to.

The resolution if 1080p, which means that this is a full HD TV which will give you all the quality and clearness of image you could ask for. Extra features which could come in handy include a USB port for connecting your music and photos and 6 HD inputs.

This Sharp Aquos includes the 240Hz Fine Motion Enhanced system to give you a great clarify of image. When it comes to performance there is no doubt that this is a high quality model which give a full HD 1080p display.

A Great Look

It is fair to say that when you spend so much on a piece of electronic equipment for your home you will be looking for a great look as well as a high level of performance. On that score the Sharp Aquos scores highly, as its sleek lines and modern look will fit in well with most homes. As we stated at the beginning, the one thing to be sure of is that you have space in your living room or home entertainment lounge to fit in a big Sharp Aquos HD TV.


All About The 720p HDTV Format

Find out information on 720p HDTV models

You will often see high definition television models on sale with the phrase 720p HDTV included in the product description.

Some people automatically assume the higher number on a 1080 HD TV automatically makes it a better choice. However, it isn’t quite as simple as that, and we need to check out some of the details of the 720p HDTV in order to work out what this format actually offers.

A 720p HDTV has a resolution of 1280 x 720 and uses a progressive scan system, which is where the p after the number comes in. So basically it has 720 horizontal scan lines and each frame stays on screen for around 0.3 of a second.

Due to the way European signals are broadcast the 1080i HDTV is the preferred option for most countries there, while in the US ABC, Fox, A&E and a few other broadcasters prefer to use the 720p HDTV system.

What Difference Will I See?

So what does this mean for the person who simply wants to buy a television for their home and get the best possible picture on it? Well, technically speaking the 720p format is better suited to fast moving images such as those used in sports transmissions.

However, if you go to a local store and try out a few different new HDTV models on the different formats then you will realize that there is actually very little noticeable difference, if any, between them. The choice of 720p HDTV x264 format or the 1080i format is something which is of more concern to the broadcasters than to the viewers, and with either of the two systems you will find that the quality of the image and the color is far superior to that which you are used to on non HDTV models.

1080 HD TV Buying Checklist

What to Look For in a 1080 HD TV

Find the perfect 1080 HD TV

When you are looking for a new HDTV one of the first points you will need to think about is the format of the television you are going to buy. Two of the most popular options relate to 1080 HD TV; 1080i and 1080p.

The big difference between these systems can be seen from the letter which comes after the number in the number. The i stands for interlace while the version HD TV 1080p comes from the word progressive.

Different broadcasters emit their programs in different HD TV formats, but for the user the difference between these 1080 HD TV formats is a lot smaller than you might be led to believe if you read the adverts in the local stores.

The best way to find the best television for you, 1080 HD TV or otherwise, can be found be checking out this short checklist:

  1. Find the way to view a few different ones. The local electronics store is a good place to start. If any of your friends have an HDTV 1080p or 1080i then would they be happy to show it off to you? You could also check out the models used in locals bars and restaurants.
  2. Choose a brand you like and trust. We all have brand names we are more comfortable with. Whether you prefer a Samsung full HD TV, a Panasonic, a Sharp or whatever you will find that most of the big manufacturers offer a range of different models at varying prices and with different specifications.
  3. Find one at the right price. A good idea is to set yourself a budget which you don’t want to go over. This way you can search online vendors sites by price and see which one most fits in with your budget and with your needs.

Best HDTV Buying

Some Tips for Buying the Best HDTV

Everyone has a different opinion of the best HDTV

If you are looking for the best HDTV then there are a number of things you can do to make sure that you make the ideal decision.

  1. Check out independent HD TV Reviews. With these reviews you can find out more about the technical specifications and the features of the best HDTV models around. Some of these may be a bit on the dry side, but if you have a bit of time to flick through a few then it will definitely help you get a better feel for the subject.
  2. See what other members of the public think. Online vendor sites tend to give a space over to customer feedback. This section will generally include a mixture of positive and negative comments on  new HDTV models, and one of the main problems can be working out which comments to put most trust in.
  3. Choose a site you trust. An online site which sells the best HDTV models should give you a secure payment method, a good, clear image of the product you are looking at and a money back offer if you aren’t fully satisfied with it once it arrives.
  4. Try before you buy. If you are going to be purchasing a cheap HD TV this might seem difficult but it isn’t impossible. One good option is to look for the best HDTV online and then go and check it out in a local store. This works even better if you choose two or three different televisions. It probably isn’t worth trying the tactic with any more than this or you will end up needing to take notes in the store to help you remember everything and then to figure out which one was the top HDTV.

Pioneer TV

A Top of the Range Pioneer TV With a Big Price Tag

One of the most expensive televisions in the Pioneer TV range

When you are looking for the best HDTV around one of the top options is to check out the Pioneer TV range. There are plenty of different models to look at from this firm but as an example we chosen a stunning top of the range television.

The Pioneer 60″  Plasma HDTV PDP 607CMX costs around $10,000 and for that money you a spectacular TV with a huge, clear screen and some impressive specifications. Let’s have a look at some of the key details.

The size of this Pioneer TV HD entertainment device is summed up by the fact that it measures 16.8″ x 62.4″ x 39.6″. It weighs in at 168 pounds. Some of the technology included involve the firm’s Crystal Emissive Layer and Pure Color Filter II features.

The format is 720p HDTV, which means that this a huge television which also gives a really clear and crisp picture. Anyone who checks out this Pioneer TV in a local store will definitely be impressed by it, and the only stumbling blocks are presumably going to be the massive price tag and the fact that finding somewhere to put it may not be that easy.

This is probably a once in a lifetime purchase for someone who makes the brave decision to spend a huge amount of money on a top quality plasma television with all of the latest technology.

Ideal for a Bar or Restaurant

It is also a Pioneer TV which can be easily used in a commercial setting such as a sports bar or a restaurant. The size of the screen and the clarity of the image both add up to mean that it would not be a problem to use it in a big room where it has to fill a substantial space and also give viewing pleasure to a lot of people fairly far away from it.

DLP HDTV Benefits

Which is DLP HDTV All About?

A DLP HDTV offers a great image

Once you start looking for a new HDTV you will realize that there are actually three types commonly sold these days; the LCD model, the plasma display and the DLP HDTV. Here we will look at the latter, which stands for Digital Light Processing.

Here are the benefits which are claimed for DLP HDTV models.

5 Advantages

  1. Slim televisions. The small scale of the technology involved is allowing the widescreen HDTV market to include smaller and thinner models all the time. These are thinner than LCD televisions, although the plasma versions are about the same.
  2. Brighter images. One notable DLP HDTV strength is in producing bright, clear images. The downside of this is that they are considered to be poorer than the rival systems when it comes accurately portraying dark scenes or dark / light contrasts. If you like moody and atmospheric thrillers you might want to give one of these a try out with an HDTV test before you buy.
  3. Better contrast. Because a DLP HDTV uses a less complex system of optics it is better than the competitors in removing stray light, which results in clearer and better defined images on screen.
  4. Enhanced action. When the images are moving quickly across the screen a DLP HDTV is one of the best options to help you avoid ghosting or blurring.
  5. Just like the cinema. The way this type of television works results in an image and presentation which many people prefer for being closer to the kind of cinema type display which can be difficult to get at home, rather than the pixelated look of some TVs.

While there are other commonly stated benefits these are the ones which you are likely to be able to spot at home just by putting on a film or watching a big sports game on the likes of a Mitsubishi or Samsung DLP HDTV.

The ITV HD Channel

Find the ITV HD Service

ITV HD needs an HD television and the right provider

The ITV HD service is actually properly known as ITV1 HD but most people continue to call it by the old name.

It is a 24 hour channel which shows the programmes which are shown in the UK on the conventional ITV channel but in a high definition television format.

The main question which most people have is “How do I get ITV HD?”. There are two basic items you need here; a television which is capable of capturing the HD signal and displaying the images and access to the channel.

The first of those points is amply covered in other sections of the site, and whether you want a giant screen or a small one and a top of the range model or a cheap HD TV there are many different ways to go about choosing one with the help of our other articles.

Which Service to Use?

As regards receiving the ITV HD channel, there are currretly four ways to do this. You can either get hold of a Freeview TV HD box or television set, a Freesat box or a subscription to Sky or Virgin Media. There are quote a few differences between those services and the Freeview one, for example, isn’t available in all of the country.

It is therefore a good idea to check out the costs and local coverage of all four of these services before deciding upon the one which you are going to use to receive the ITV HD service to your home.

The resolution of the ITV HD channel is 1080i and this is the channel number you need to access it on the different providers’ systems. On Sky it is number 178. On Freesat it is 119. On Freeview it is 51 and on Virgin Media it is 113.

Buying From Comet TV

All About Comet TV Purchasing

The place to find Comet TV deals

One of the most popular ways to get a good, cheap High Definition TV is to look for Comet TV online or in the local store.

This electronics store is well known for its wide range of models and low prices.The site offers a couple of ways of buying a new Comet TV, as there is a store finder with details of the nearest ones which you might want to collect your television from and the option of buying online and tracking your order through the site. The home delivery option has a range of different possible timescales which you can choose from.

The Comet site shows their full selection of HD TV models and all the big brands, sizes and formats are represented.

An interesting initiative which Comet sometimes runs out is the TV scrappage scheme, whereby they give a big discount for the trading in of an old television. This was last run during the 2010 World Cup and anyone who has old TVs cluttering up the house would be well advised to keep an eye out for the reopening of this deal.

The Comet TV sale is another opportunity to get hold of a really good model at a very good price. These special offers tend to come around a few times a years, with Bank Holiday weekends a particularly common time for  cheap HD TV prices to be rolled out.

To help you choose your new Comet TV the online products details are pretty comprehensive, with all the important specifications listed along with the reviews given to it by other customers who have purchased it.

Price Match Promise

A final point worth nothing on the Comet site is that they offer a price match promise, so if you see a cheaper deal on the same model they will give you it at the lower price.


A Look at an RCA HDTV

A smart choice of RCA HDTV

The number of RCA HDTV models around these days means that finding one which suits your needs and budget shouldn’t be all that difficult. Here we will look at one of the most popular new HDTV televisions in the range.

The one we will check out is the RCA F38310 38″ HDTV. This television costs $600 online currently and is a 1080 HD TVwhich uses the 1080i format.

One of the features which stands out in this RCA HDTV LCD system is the audio quality. It uses SRS Focus technology to provide output for a Dolby Digital surround sound using the 5.1 channel method.

This is a high definition TV which gives the impression of having been built to fit in as the center piece of a complete home entertainment system, and its sleek look and powerful features will certainly see if fit in nicely in most homes.

If you are thinking of setting up a home theater room but don’t have an unlimited budget then this RCA HDTV could be a good choice, as it gives you all the functions you could ask for but is a bit more reasonably priced than a lot of the rival models currently on the market.

Buy Online but Check In Store

The best place to look for this TV is online, as not only will you find better deals, but you will also be able to browse through a wide selection of alternative models at your leisure.

Having said that, a lot of consumers prefer to choose a TV on the internet and then go to the local store to see it in action. With this done they then go back to the online vendor site and buy it with a bit more confidence.

Once your RCA HDTV arrives don’t forget to give it a thorough check over before any free returns period runs out.

Olevia TV Review

A Solid Choice of Olevia TV

A 37 inch Olevia HD TV

The popular Olevia range includes a number of good quality High Def television models with a few different pricing options. Here we will look at one TV which could be of interest to anyone looking for a mid range option.

The Olevia 537H 37-Inch LCD HDTV costs around $600 just now. It weighs just under 53 pounds and measure 36.8 inches x 29.4 inches x 10.3 inches with a 27 inch screen.

This is a good choice of High Definition TV for anyone looking for the flexibility of being able to switch between viewing TV channels and using it as an excellent computer monitor.

As a TV it has the 1080i HD format while as a monitor it gives a 1360 x 768 resolution. The audio is also quite impressive, as the built in surround sound audio processor helps drive the soundtracks to your favorite movies and to enhance the atmosphere generated by the crowd at a big game.

The incredibly wide viewing angle of 178 degrees and the crip display make this Olevia television really well suited to action pictures and to sporting action.

For Use as the Main or Second Television in the Home

If you are looking for a really huge television for your living, such as a 50 HDTV then this 37″ Olevia HD TV model will probably be best seen as a second television for the home, to be placed in a bedroom, home office or even kitchen. On those terms, this is a fantastic model which will bring a lot of enjoyment to your viewing.

As a main television it is also very good for someone who doesn’t have the space, the budget or the need for a massive TV in their living room. In those cases this model provide a good, clear image and all the features you could ask for from your main HD TV set.

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