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Boat chartering is one of the most exciting ways to take a great vacation, see the world and spend lots of time carrying out fun activities with your family at the same time.

In this section of the web site we will look at some specific boat chartering trip ideas as well as some general advice. Here is what you will find in the articles that follow:

Sailboat Charter. Here we will look at some questions commonly asked by people looking for a different type of sailing vacation, together with the respective answers.

Boat Charters Greece. The type of Greek boat chartering deal that caught our eye offers you the chance to join a flotilla ( of yachts and either sail your own boat or travel as a guest on the lead boat. The journey covers some of the finest sights and lets you explore some of the ancient wonders of this ever popular country. If you are interested in sailing in Greece but want a more independent approach, such as bareboating, you will find other articles on this timeless sailing destination throughout the web site.

How To Discover The Pleasures Of Sailing In The Caribbean

Caribbean Sailboat Charters. The Caribbean( is, together with the Mediterranean, a key element of the boat charting world; and it is easy to see why. Lovely warm waters, mountains, fine beaches, great bars and lots to do are just some of the factors which lead people to come back here year after year. If you still aren’t convinced then have a look at this article to see some more of the benefits to be gained from this type of ever popular vacation.

Charters Boat. We will finish off the section by continuing to look at charter boat options and ideas in this article, whether it be a sailing or a motorboot charter.

Sailboat Charter Advice

Some Common Sailboat Charter Questions

With the sheer quantity of sailboat charter and bareboat sailing options about these days it is sometimes a good idea to collect a few of the most commonly asked question together:
Q: Is there an option for someone who wants to operate their own boat but would also like to have the comfort of professional sailors  close at hand?

A: Yes. In this section, as we look at the types of boat charters Greece offers we will inform you an interesting option you might not be aware of. The ideas is that a small flotilla of boats set out together to cover one of the most beautiful and historic regions of the Mediterranean ( You can either sail as a guest on the main boat, which a professional crew runs, or one of the accompanying vessels, which you operate as a simple sailing boat charter but with the lead boat near by.

Q: I have done Caribbean Sailboat Chartersand a Mediterranean one. What other places might I interested in?

A: You can now find bareboat sailing options all over the place, as well as crewed sailboat charter boat deals. If you want somewhere really exotic then Phuket, in Thailand, has an increasingly important role in the world sailing industry. Other places you may not have thought of are Borneo, Indonesia, New Zealan, Tahiti or even the interesting North West coast of the USA.

Seeing Or Taking Part In Boating Events

Q: Can I take out a sailboat charter to see a sailing regatta or competition?

A: Yes, this is one of the charter companys’ peak periods, so be prepared to book in advance and expect a higher than normal price. Options include Cowes Week and events in places as different as the British Virgin Islands (, France and Tahiti (  With some deals you can even compete in one of the competitions.

Boat Charters Greece

For Cruises Or Boat Charters Greece Offers A Lot Of Fun

If you are interested in what boat charters Greece has to offer but you aren’t sure whether to go it alone and charter a yachtor join a scheduled cruise we might have found the solution for you.

The Aegean Adventure Sailing Cruise is a wonderful cruise which covers some of this historic Mediterranean country’s top sights in a two week tour. However, the main reason that we mention it here is that it offers an interesting choice of ways of taking the tour.

The first way you can take part is on a simple yacht cruise basis. With this choice you are simply a guest on the yacht and are free to relax and let the yacht crew look after the handling of the boat. However, you are also welcome to take a more hands on role in the handling of the vessel, even if you are new to sailing.

The other option, the one which might appeal more to people who are looking for explore through more independent boat charters Greece and its islands, is to take charge of your own yacht within the flotilla.

Basically, there is a lead boat, the one crewed by the professionals and containing the guest only travellers. This yacht is followed by a group of other boats, which are crewed by the other type of tourists, who are operating on a yacht rental type of deal.

What Your Boat Charters Greece Trip Covers

The round trip is about 360 miles and leaves Athens before sailing around the beautiful Saronic Gulf, which is famous for its calm sailing conditions.  The whole flotilla of yachts makes stops in such fine places as the Temple of Aphaia,  Hydra, Kleftiko, Santorini and Paros, taking part in some fun excursions and seeing plenty of culture along the way.

Caribbean Sailboat Charters

The Advantages Of Caribbean Sailboat Charters

A huge number of people already enjoy the many benefits of Caribbean sailboat charters during their vacations. If you like the sound of this kind of sailboat charter trip but aren’t too sure of what to expect then have a look at these advantages

  1. Exotic location yet close to US. If you live in the US and want to go boat chartering in an exotic vacation but don’t like the sound of spending a long time on long haul flights then the Caribbean ( is a good choice, as it feels a world away from the hectic life of the big cities but yet you can get there on a relatively short flight and get straight onto the boat without too much delay.
  2. Mixture of scenery. You can see everything from lovely deserted beaches to mountains to  rainforests on Caribbean sailboat charters.
  3. A big area to explore. The freedom to explore is almost unlimited in this vast, enticing region, and the only problem could be deciding what places to leave until next year’s vacation.
  4. Lots of things to do both above and below the water on a sailing boat charter. If you like getting into the water then you will find a huge amount of things to do here. Swimming, snorkeling, wildlife observing and shipwreck searching are just a few of the the activities you might be interested in.
  5. Long sailing season. December to May is seen as the ideal time to take out a Caribbean sailboat charter. However, the water temperature and sailing conditions are good pretty much all year round.
  6. Great places to eat and drink. Just about everyone who sails regularly on a yacht cruise in the Caribbean has their favorite restaurant or bar. You will almost certainly somewhere where the food, the local characters and the atmosphe will have you raving about it when you get back home.

Poland Charters Boat

Charters Boat Hire In Poland

The region of Masuria in the north east of Poland ( is renowned for its two big lake districts; the Masurian Lake District and the Ilawa Lake District. The area is famed for holding 2,000 lakes and is the scene of many charters boat rentals, and if you have never heard of it before then you might like to have a look at what it offers as the destination for an exotic sailing vacation.

Some Useful Charters boat Advice

Geography. The lakes are separated by hilly forests and there are lots of rivers, canals and streams in the area too, which means that you can cover a big area during your yacht rental trip. The Masurian lake ( district is linked to the Baltic Sea.

Wildlife. The area is populated by a wide range of wildlife such as deer, wild boar, wolves, beavers and bison. The bird species found here includes the likes of herons, swans and cormorants. The amount of water around here means that a charter boat will let you see lotsof wildlife up close .

Castles. The ruined castles of Gizycko, Ryn and Worgorzeno offer scenic and atmospheric day trip opportunities.

Beginners welcome.You should check the licence requirements before booking your boat chartering trip, but as at November 2010 there is no need for you to hold a boating licence if we want to take a boat charter in the Masuria region.

Sailing advice. You can sail on the water systems from sunrise until an hour after the sunset. There are just two locks in the area, and these are the only places where you will be expected to pay a fee for use of the waterways.

Weather. The climate here is temperate, so you can expect warm, dry summer days and cold winters. The lakes can be frozen over from December until the start of May and spring can see a lot rain here, putting off most boat hire visitors.

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