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There are many inquiries regarding the Pixelbook, another $999 Chromebook made by Google. Who should purchase this thing? Who might need to? Is it expected to contend with MacBooks? Surface tablets? Windows convertibles? iPads? iPad Pros? The greater part of the above? Can a portable workstation that is fundamentally intended to run the Chrome program (with a side of Android applications) truly be worth spending this much cash on? Is Google high? Available Here

The responses to those inquiries depend altogether on something that is diverse for everyone: what do you do when you truly push your PC? For a few, it’s video altering. For others, it’s photography or gaming or Excel or whatever. For 90 percent of what the vast majority of us do on PCs, anything adequately quick and pleasant will take care of business. Be that as it may, for that last 10 percent, everyone needs something other than what’s expected.

So it’s difficult to give all of you the appropriate responses, even in the wake of spending just shy of two weeks utilizing the Pixelbook as my principle PC. I put aside both my MacBook and my iPad Pro and simply utilized this machine to check whether I could at long last make sense of that last 10 percent for myself.

Speed, simplicity and safety, built in.

Pixelbook is easy to use, always has the latest security and features with software that updates automatically,10 and keeps going with a long-life battery,¹ so you can do more of what matters most.

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