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Google Home VS Amazon Echo!

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We put Google Home up against the Amazon Echo. Which is the best voice assistant in 2016? Both of these gadgets can be used for home automation, especially using philips hue bulbs and if you have amazon prime music then the echo is even better! But make your decision – which do you prefer?

Google Home Mini sounds great but lacks vision

The Google Home Mini sounds better and looks better than the Echo Dot — but Google needs to innovate if it wants to catch Alexa.

Google Home Mini ReviewThe Good: The Google Home Mini is an up-to-date looking speaker with shockingly solid sound quality for its size. The Google Assistant is an able Alexa contender, particularly on account of its capacity to seek out point by point answers to a wide assortment of inquiries.

The Bad: There isn’t much the Home Mini does that Alexa can’t do, as well. It likewise does not have a line-out jack, and requires Chromecast Audio so as to associate with at outside speaker setup.

The Bottom Line: The Google Home Mini is an incredible gadget, and an easy decision for existing Google Home clients – however it isn’t the Echo Dot-executioner Google likely needs it to be.

Amazon Echo review:

Since introducing the original Amazon Echo smart speaker in November 2014, Amazon has continued to refresh and expand its lineup of hands-free, voice-enabled Alexa devices.

Amazon Echo Dot Product ReviewThe Good: Amazon’s voice-actuated brilliant home speaker is obviously cutting edge, but on the other hand it’s handy and open. With a quickly developing slate of highlights, mixes and utilize cases, it’s anything but difficult to get amped up for the Echo’s potential.

The Bad: The Echo’s sound quality is marginally uneven on occasion, with powerless bass at high volumes. It likewise can’t recognize diverse voices like the Google Home shrewd speaker can.

The Bottom Line: More than two years after its introduction, the more brilliant than at any other time Amazon Echo stays extraordinary compared to other associated home items cash can right now purchase.


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